My Name Is - EP

by Aria Lanelle

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    releases 03 June 2016

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My Name Is
Read Your Mind (ft. Planetarian)
Your Love (ft. Rod Bonner)
Mary's Peace


releases June 3, 2016

All songs written, arranged, and produced solely Aria Lanelle except for "Read Your Mind" which was produced and co-written by Planetarian and "League" which was co-produced by Anthony Majors Jr.

Anthony Majors Jr. - Mix on "My Name Is", "League", "Your Love"
Planetarian - Mix on "Read Your Mind"
Seth Richardson - Mix on "Then To Now"

Entire EP mastered by Martina Albano

Recorded at Aria's home in Boston, MA.



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Aria Lanelle

Lightyear futurist...


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Track Name: Then To Now
It's been a long journey from then to now
From then to now
From then to now
I said it's been a long journey from then to now
From then to now
From then to now

[Verse 1]
I remember looking at the moon at night
Wishing hard that I
Could be anywhere but where I was
I remember holding myself so tight
Trying with all my might
Not to break down

I have to remind myself that
I'm not back there anymore
But old habits, they do die hard
It's such an inner war


I remember what it was to be alone
Far away from home
Dreaming I could be someone someday
I remember feeling oh-so far lost
Too broke to count the cost
Wanting to fade away



I said it's been a long journey from then to now

And now I understand the purpose of it all
Of every single tear that ever had to fall
Track Name: League
[Verse 1]
And he will turn his back on me, like...
Yet he be in my DMs in the nighttime
And he be checking for my curves, right
My body like wow with a MENSA mind, alright

You can't play these games and expect I'ma come running
I'm not these other girls that you holla at
You done rolled up on an A1, first class, primo leading lady
I'ma steamroll over you, I won't never, ever be your baby

I'm so out of your league
I guess I could use you for something
(What that mouth do?)
Ain't that what you wanted me for?
How does it feel?
Tables turned on you
Out of your league, out of your league
Out of your league, out of your league

[Verse 2]
And now I turn my back on him
All cause he can't treat me right
All this juice I got inside of me
He couldn't find it with a flashlight



Now you're hurt and you're salty
Shade more than all my drag queen homies
It don't feel good, do it baby?
Cause it feel real good to me baby